The Husqvarna 525iDEPS MADSAW is the industry’s first and only dielectric battery-powered pole saw that is individually tested to meet OSHA 1910.269 and delivers an extra measure of safety for skilled line workers, utility workers, and tree care professionals. The MADSAW can be used in the bucket, in the tree, or on the ground for extreme versatility. Purposeful design allows the pole saw’s sections to quickly disconnect for secure storage in a tree care truck or utility vehicle. More productive than a manual saw and as powerful as a hydraulic pole saw, the battery-powered MADSAW makes pruning and limbing projects more efficient than ever before.

$2,499.00 Rec. retail price incl GST


Bar length (inch) 12 in
Chain speed at max power 20 m/s
Pitch 3/8″ mini
Recommended bar length, max 30 cm
Recommended bar length, min 25 cm
Battery type Li-Ion
Battery voltage 36 V
Oil tank volume 0.15 l
Power source Battery
Weight (excl. battery and cutting equipment) 6 kg
Weight (excl. cutting equipment) 6 kg